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We are living in an era where online buying and online marketing has taken a prominent place. Businesses are promoting their trade using online platforms, since; it is one of the most efficient ways of promoting your products and services. Social media apps play an essential role in marketing. Today people belonging to every age group are using social media apps, which make reaching out to potential customers easier. One can easily target the required age group in the hashtags or their posts.

While taking the route towards hashtags, it must be ensured that hashtags are used appropriately for the marketing purpose. Using hashtags in your content will increase the chances of better post engagement. Also, hashtag makes it easier to track promotions across social media apps. As it increases the ratio of visitors on the website or the post, one must know what hashtags are and how to use it to make your game stronger.


A hashtag is a keyword which is preceded with the hash symbol (#). These tags are used in social media posts, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These tags can be the easiest way of finding anything on a social media app. In short,  they draw the attention of people to the posts and encourage interactions.

Let’s discuss a few hashtags tricks to make your post standout;

  1. Know Your Platform

It is imperative to know about the social media apps you are using. Each platform has a different criterion when it comes to the use of these hashtags. Keeping in view Facebook, there is a limit of three hashtags in one post. Hashtags are not really popular on this platform; it is not hashtag-oriented platform as Instagram. Also, it is essential to make your post public for the viewers to find the particular hashtag.  Otherwise, it will be only seen by your friends and followers. Considering Twitter, there is no limit for hashtags, but there is a limit of 140 characters for each post or tweet as we know it. Tweets carrying hashtags generate more retweets as compared to those without any hashtag. Meanwhile, Instagram is called the king of hashtags because you can use up to a maximum of 30 hashtags. Instagram can be used as a marketing strategy, as it is the best platform that allows the use of multiple hashtags. Thirty hashtags make it easier to experiment with hashtags.

  1. Be Specific

Make sure your content on social media is according to the choice of social-media users. Make sure you use the same hashtags your users are using to search for content. If it is not the same, your content will not be seen by the viewers.  Using too many hashtags reduces post engagement and will not help you in getting the maximum likes or post reach. Use the hashtags where they make sense and seem relevant for the people looking for it. Embrace hashtags but be intelligent in the way you use them.

  1. Add Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags help you to connect with other people who are looking for the same content you are talking about. For instance, if you are writing a blog regarding Twitter for business and use a hashtag that says #TwitterTips, this will help you to get to more people who are interested in similar content.

  1. Don’t Be Too Broad

Don’t try to use the same hashtags as everyone else. Try to stand out from the crowd. For instance, if you want to target the people of California, then San Diego will not work. Mention #California and target the relevant audience. Be specific in what you want to achieve, a broad spectrum will need more attention, and in the process, you will lose your direct audience.

  1. Do Proper Research

Before mentioning any hashtag, please make sure that it is relevant. Ensure that people are looking for the topic you are writing about. There are some tools like, Ritetag, which can help you to see the trends followed in the market.  Instead of wasting your time, it is better to do a proper study and research about the trending hashtags.

It will not only help you save your time but also help you to make sure that you are going in the right direction.

  1. Use Hashtag Tools:

To attain the correct and relevant hashtags, use different hashtag tools. For instance, you may use hashtagify to know about the topic-specific and trending hashtags. This allows the post to appear when someone searches for a hashtag. There is another tool called Tagboard, which can help you to identify the hashtags used across all the major social media platforms and enable you to filter them as per your own requirement.

  1. Think Strategically:

Before mentioning any hashtag, make sure you know the purpose behind that hashtag. The hashtags need to be used with the most significant part of your post. It must not come with every word of your post. If you overcrowd your social-media post with hashtags, it might go unseen. So, it is highly recommended to mix the content with hashtags.

In a nutshell, make sure that your hashtags are aligned with your social-media post content and your business. Keep in mind that as a marketer, you must know what to publish, where to publish, and what is the right time to publish. This can significantly increase the post reach and visibility for the audience.

Lastly, if you are a business, remember to create your brand-specific hashtags. It should be unique to your business so that your customers can easily access your products and services.

You may seek help from bloggers to help you out in writing an excellent blog with hashtags. https://contentinspire.com/about-us

For more details and interesting blogs, please visit our website. https://contentinspire.com/about-us




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Content Marketing or Copywriting! What is Best for Your Business? http://contentinspire.com/content-marketing-or-copywriting-what-is-best-for-your-business/ http://contentinspire.com/content-marketing-or-copywriting-what-is-best-for-your-business/#respond Mon, 18 Mar 2019 12:45:42 +0000 https://contentinspire.com/?p=351144

Advertising and marketing were never this easy, but on the contrary, it was never this difficult either. Today as businesses, we are spoilt for choices. As a business you are required to stay connected to your customers as well as reach out to potential customers but how do you do that? How do you decide what to choose? Are you to wander about the best approach available to you? Well, let us tell you that there isn’t one specific recipe for success on the internet. Did you Google for the recipe to success for an online business and failed miserably? Don’t you worry; let us start by putting things into perspective.

First Things First

Copywriting and content marketing are two concepts you need to know before you sit down to put together a marketing strategy for your startup or company. Copywriting in marketing is critical; it can be best defined as a text form of salesmanship. Think of your writing as the salesman in the shop trying to convince the customer to buy. While on the contrary, content writing is slow persuasion, after all, slow and steady wins the race.

Purpose of Writing

Copywriting, as well as content marketing, are done with the motive of connecting you to your audience, but there is quite a distinction between the two.


Copywriting is more specific and is more focused on the goal which is to drive your clients or customers to take action. For example, Pizza Hut tells you that they add extra cheese to their pizza that is because they want you to buy their pizza. Copywriting in marketing is always intended for the audiences to buy from you.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is more detailed and servesto inform the customers and potential clients about your services. You try to create the need for the product or the service you are providing. Have you ever walked into a store and bought things you didn’t even need? Well, that is what this is all about. ContentInspire is the place where you can learn more about content marketing services as well as how to ace your content marketing.

How to Ace Copywriting for your Business:

Have you ever tried copywriting for your business but left it because you failed? According to experts, it is one of the fastest ways of increasing your conversion rates. So, here we are presenting you some hacks to ace your copywriting skills.

You are Not a Robot

You are a human, so make sure that your copy also sounds like one. For each industry, your voice and tone can vary, but most of all remember that personalizing with your client will do wonders.


Make sure your business tagline is true to what you do or make. Don’t go about copying big Multinational Corporation, be unique.


Always remember that people never read the entire thing, they skim read. Make your copy readable for your potential customers. Write headlines that can actually sell.Don’t Believe in Myths

Copywriting in marketing is surrounded by myths and hoaxes, do research on what is actually helpful and apply that to your copywriting. Read Maryann Bailey’s Blog post Debunk 6 Seo Myths to learn more about these myths.

Streamline your Business with Content Marketing

Content marketing services in the last few years have really made their mark in making businesses a success. More and more companies today are investing in hiring content marketers that can enhance their business for them. Master your content marketing strategy by following these simple steps.


Listening to your audience is most important, read what is trending and what they want to know. It is completely useless to generate content for “how to” when your audience is looking for an answer about “why.” Take a cue from your audience and write.

Is it Worth it?

It is very important to keep asking yourself questions. If you hire a content writing service, they will write anything for you, but first, you need to understand what is the requirement of your business? You understand your business the best, and that is why you need to step up.

Learning Loop

It is all about the loop. If you and your company are not able to generate leads from the content that is being written, then you have failed as a content creator. Read the blog post Content Marketing Success Comes Down to a Single Ingredient to learn the one ingredient that is most important in content marketing.

Copywriting and Content Marketing are Inseparable

Copywriting and content marketing both go hand in hand. You as a business person cannot expect to ace one of them and think that your business will bloom. Copywriting without great content will be a waste of your time and your energy. Don’t be that advertisement that makes people want to switch the TV channel instead be the one that people love to rewind and replay over and over again.

Some Rules to Follow

You need to apply copywriting rules to content marketing and vice versa. Anything that clicks with your audiences is worth writing and sharing. Your audience and your customers are your first priority, and that is why just think of them as priority while writing.

Write for your Audience

SEO has emerged to be a huge field in marketing but always remember that you are writing for your audience and not for the optimization tools or the search engines.

Reading Should be Enjoyable

Your copy shouldn’t sound boring to the reader. If your writing is boring then before you know it people will start leaving your page. Dull and monotonous is not what you are heading for.

Be generous

Surprise your audience, be generous with the information you are sharing with your readers. Let them be amazed and think wow so much information and that too for free. This is going to land you more readers, and more readers which will translate into more sales.

Copywriting is an art of persuasion which is not very easy to ace. This blog post talks about the lost art of copywriting. Paul Burke, an award-winning copywriter, takes the time out to talk about copywriting and advertising today and how it has changed through the years.

No matter how rapidly technology is changing and how people are reacting to this change, copywriting and content marketing will always be relevant to your website and to your online business.

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7 Superb Email Marketing Tools to Improve Your Click-through Rates http://contentinspire.com/7-superb-email-marketing-tools-to-improve-your-click-through-rates/ http://contentinspire.com/7-superb-email-marketing-tools-to-improve-your-click-through-rates/#comments Wed, 19 Dec 2018 12:04:12 +0000 https://contentinspire.com/?p=351140

Are you tired of seeing your emails go unopened? Are low click-through rates affecting your business negatively? If so, it’s time for you to dig deeper and understand how improving click-through rates can significantly improve your business. Research shows that more than 4 billion people will be using emails as a mode of communication by 2020. So, why is it that so many businesses fail to generate traffic and top revenues through one of the most popular modes of communication?

Apart from poor content, lack of effective layouts and email designs can also lead to lower click-through rates. In light of this, we decided to compile a list of top 7 tools that can significantly improve your click-through rates and possibly, revenues. Read on for more insights.


DefiniteMail is one of the most comprehensive email management tools online offering optimization of marketing campaigns and transactional messages as well as marketing automation. It offers drag n drop editor, cloud storage, HTML editor and responsive designs among several other features to set it apart from other tools. This tool allows you to monitor your email ratings w.r.t email clicks etc. and allows you to build a positive reputation with personalized logos. Their prices are some of the best in the market. Their free plan alone offers 15,000 emails per month! It’ll be crazy not to try it out.


With 12,000 free emails and up to 2,000 subscribers a month, MailChimp is the dream tool for effective email marketing. It has a user-friendly interface with multiple features such as importing lists in bulk, connecting to CRM/CMS, and adding entries individually. It identifies issues in email, performs A/B testing and sends emails to various groups. The best part is that it provides automation through actions, filters, and conditions that allow you to offer time-specific deals to interested subscribers.


Leadpages is one of the most effective tools for growing your email lists. With a $25 plan, you can get landing pages and sign-up forms and design a custom pop-up form displaying visitor’s actions. This tool is highly intuitive with drag-and-drop editing feature and numerous free and paid templates. This tool integrates with many other email marketing tools, payment gateways and webinar tools etc. to provide you with the ultimate experience. If you want cool widgets for better decision-making about your field forms and button actions, then get a free 14-day trial today!


Starting from $9 to $29 a month, OptinMonster is a cloud-based web plugin for building lists. You have the option to create pop-up forms and select various professional and eye-catching opt-in forms. As people are reluctant to buy/use products and services from websites, this tool can encourage people to buy by introducing timely pop-ups right before the visitor’s exit. This tool performs A/B, split testing, and provides variations of copy and colors. You can choose the version that leads to most conversions.


This tool offers both email marketing and SMS services in addition to 50 other features such as web analytics, autoresponders, API availability and campaign segmentation etc. This tool makes designing mobile-friendly and personalized emails easier. You can create trigger campaigns based on customer behaviors. Moreover, SendinBlue retargets landing page visitors and segments lists with the help of contact builder based on demographics to improve conversions. If you are still unsure, set up a free account and send 300 emails to see if this tool is for you or not.


Undoubtedly, the majority of people are visual creatures and are attracted to what they see on-screen.  One of the best tools to design layouts is Canva. With this tool, you can utilize vectors, stock images, and illustrations as well as upload your own images to create beautiful email layouts. You can edit photos with the help of filters, various fonts and elements such as stickers, textures, bubbles, etc. With Canva, you can attract more visitors, which can lead to increased conversions. So, wait no more and start designing today!

Get Response

Get Response is the perfect tool to get your potential customers’ to start clicking on your emails. Anyone can use this tool with ease to create awesome forms and designs with the drag-and-drop feature or use available templates. You can get newsletters and autoresponders as well. The best feature is Time Travel, which allows you to send emails on local time. Better yet is the Perfect Timing option that allows delivery based on past subscriber behavior. You can easily send emails individually to customers based on the time they are most likely to open them. For a mere $15 per month, this is a steal for sure.

Email management is no small task, but with a little help from these tools, your conversion rates can increase considerably. Most of the tools discussed here have free plans, offering a great opportunity for you to use and select the tool that best fits your business needs.  With these tools, you can better manage your email designs and layouts and create content that is likely to get more attention from potential customers. Your emails are delivered on a time when they are likely to get the most attention. These little tricks can definitely help improve your click-through rates and lead to more conversions.

Was this blog helpful? Do not forget to leave your comments below! We would love to hear from you.



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Do More to Attract More: Top 9 Tips for Writing Better Emails http://contentinspire.com/do-more-to-attract-more-top-9-tips-for-writing-better-emails/ http://contentinspire.com/do-more-to-attract-more-top-9-tips-for-writing-better-emails/#respond Thu, 21 Jun 2018 04:53:58 +0000 https://contentinspire.com/?p=351132

Do you want to make your deliverables popular among prospects? What better way to get going than sending a personal email to motivate potential subscribers into buying your product or service. Email marketing is an art in itself and it is time for you to wake up to the wonders of it.

Email writing can be really tricky to get right. But it is not impossible to start learning about the best ways to make your email marketing content stand out in a pool of great content. Emails are one of the oldest and safest options for digital marketing and we have 9 tips to help you write high-converting emails, starting today!

Clarity Helps Your Message

Emails are usually used for short correspondences, not to say emails are not long. But in this digital age, people are more prone to just skim through content. To bring a quantum leap in your click rate, your business objectives need to be perfectly clear and on-point. You need to know what your product or service is about for promoting it more effectively across various demographics. The open-and-click rates will increase once you clearly communicate your message via email.

Build an Email List

Email is the most common medium for communication and it is very important to keep the subscribers up-to-date about all the good and bad stuff that affects them directly. To increase traffic and conversion rates, a useful email marketing tactic is to build email lists. Not only will it help you reconnect with your current subscribers, but also pique the interest of the inactive ones, thus increasing your sales.

Propose Something Unique

What makes you so different? Why should your customers choose you over others? How can people be inspired to open and buy your products and services? These are some important questions email templates and digital marketing emails should include answers to as these will be your unique selling propositions (USPs). Moreover, offer the best deals on the right day at the right time because timing can make all the difference between low and high conversion rates.

Segmentation Matters

Not many companies take segmenting into account because it takes time to set up. Don’t make the same mistake! Just take time to create various list segments to tailor your email marketing and reap the benefits.

Segmenting involves researching your subscriber’s interests and offering them multiple subscription forms and opt-in incentives to cater to their needs. Understanding needs of the customers’ can bring you one step closer to higher conversions via email writing.

Use the Right Design

Visuals matter! Avoid upper case letters, include useful keywords, and focus more on improving your writing style. Use catchy images, complementary fonts (bold for the title). Here are some tips on pairing fonts.

Social media buttons can be an effective option to increase your click rates. People are naturally curious and might want to share new stuff with others. A good idea is to add company blog and social media links to Facebook and Twitter at the bottom of the email.

Double Opt-in is a Good Option

A double-opt-in is a better option to have as it gives a greater sense of personalization. The process includes two steps: filling of the online sign-up form by a potential subscriber and sending him/her a confirmation email and a verification link.

This option helps eliminate bad addresses from the email list and protects it from malicious competitors. Moreover, it helps to communicate with subscribers immediately. Check out this link for more information on double opt-ins.

Get Psychology into Play

Email marketing can benefit a great deal with psychological tricks. Emotions play a huge role in decision-making. Your aim should be to evoke a reaction from your potential customers in order to convert them. Use images depicting various emotions and good colors for CTA buttons.

Limited time offers to create the fear of missing out (FOMO) effect are a viable option as well to get higher conversions. Conduct thorough research on customer buying behaviors and send targeted emails with catchy subject lines. Content Inspire gives you some examples of useful subject lines for higher conversions.

Call to Action is a Must

The visitors skimming your business email should not be confused about what to do. A clear call-to-action button must be visible separately and not hidden in clutter. Don’t make people work to find offer and discount buttons because they will give up. Here are some call-to-action button examples for you to explore.

Streamline your email design as it’s the first thing your readers may notice.  Avoid gifs or high-quality images on this page. One CTA for every email is good enough. Using too much can distract users from your message and is less appealing.  Conduct an A/B test to see what works best for your subscribers.

Opt for Mobile-friendly Emails

What better way to get higher conversions than taking advantage of people’s obsession with mobile devices. Sounds callous? Well, time to change your perception because mobile-friendly email marketing is the way to go.  Your email may look great in the inbox, but if users cannot view it properly on the phone, then there is little chance they will stick with you for long. Here is a guide to creating a more responsive email design.

Converting your customers with emails is a huge deal and something every business and marketer should strive for. The more you communicate with your customers, the more chances you have of converting them. However, it is useful to remember that not all customers are the same, and you will do well to research and follow consumer behaviors for better results in email conversions. If this does not work, try consulting industry experts to know what is missing and change your email marketing strategy accordingly.


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5 Reasons Why ROI Depends on the Content http://contentinspire.com/5-reasons-why-roi-depends-on-the-content/ http://contentinspire.com/5-reasons-why-roi-depends-on-the-content/#respond Fri, 03 Mar 2017 08:53:49 +0000 http://contentinspire.com/?p=351058

Is your content generating high-quality leads? If not, give this article a read.

Optimization of the content matters a lot when it comes to online marketing. The content is considered profitable only when it is generating the required leads for you. If your optimized content fails at lead generation, then worry not as we have mentioned a few reasons why your content is failing and what you can do about it.

Attracting the Right Traffic

If you are not speaking the same language as your consumers, chances are you’re failing at the optimization of your content. Content optimization is important when it comes to reaching your target audience.  You can put efforts into your content strategy but it all won’t work as long as you are ignoring your clients’ needs!

What you can do is target the phrases and keywords your consumers use and integrate them into your content to provide your clients with an effective solution. To make things easier for you, start by understanding your business. Then optimize your content with your business-specified keywords. You can use a keyword research tool to identify target keywords and build your content surrounding those specific phrases.

Provide Solution Through Optimized Content

Everyone likes to be convinced with logic. It is the best tool to enlighten your potential customers that why are they present at your platform? Ultimately, you have to sell your product, but when you grab the public’s attention by pitching their needs, half of the work is done!

Your marketing strategy should be planned in such a way that the customers are educated regarding your products and services. Allow your consumers to find the answers and solutions to their problems through your optimized content.

Content which educates the customers on how and what to choose according to their needs can result in gathering healthy leads.

Focus on CTAs

Appealing content is not just enough. We need to take our customers to a second step where they can initiate the buying process. Your CTAs should be an essential part of your website because they play a major role in increasing your content’s ROI.

Imagine creating hype for a product that does not exist. Your content feels the same without CTAs.  Optimizing your content with CTAs provides your clients with an opportunity to initiate the buying process once they are satisfied with the features of products/services that you are offering.

Educate yourself about your Content’s ROI

If you do not keep track of your content, how many leads it is generating, how your content is performing on the internet or how many new contacts it has generated, then your marketing strategy is not effective enough!

Your content needs to be optimized in a way that it creates brand awareness. You will not have any content ROI if your content is not compelling enough to force the clients to take some action.

Posting blogs about your products and writing appealing content is simply not enough!

To fix this issue, monitoring should be conducted on a weekly basis as it will help you decide where your content performs well and where it fails to compel your users. Identify the issues and direct your efforts toward resolving the issues!

Adapting Content for Different Mediums

A good piece of content is the one that is being offered to the target market through all the available mediums. In this era of IT, you can easily offer your optimized content in various formats. It will increase the effectiveness and usability of the content while building and securing the numbers of your clients as well.

There is no need to produce unique content for every different medium because you can either repurpose or restructure the existing content to fit different mediums. You can turn your blogs into infographics, or you can turn any article into an eBook. You just need to have to skills to repurpose content so as to reach a wider audience!

Know of any other ways to improve ROI via content? Don’t be reluctant to share your experiences with us. We’d love to know about your content development ventures. Use the comments box below to connect with us and let us know if this blog added to your knowledge about web content!

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6 Google Tools for Content Marketing – A Marketer’s Guide http://contentinspire.com/6-google-tools-for-content-marketing-a-marketers-guide/ http://contentinspire.com/6-google-tools-for-content-marketing-a-marketers-guide/#respond Mon, 09 Jan 2017 06:27:40 +0000 http://contentinspire.com/?p=351027

There is always a chance for improvement in every domain. Regardless of the number of years you have worked or researched; there will always be something new for you to learn in the content marketing arena.

Expected output can truly increase if the tools are used smartly. The internet is riddled with tools that promise to help business owners in generating a positive result, but we all know how the majority of them fail to live up to the mark.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new in content marketing business or not, you should realize that only Google can fulfill all your marketing needs as it is more than just another search engine.

Below, I have discussed six Google tools that will help you take your marketing business to new success heights!

Google Analytics

What is the desired output from your content marketing strategy?

If you have a marketing plan, no matter how well defined it is, run it through the Google Analytics. It helps you analyze the key factors that affect your strategies and presents the data in the form of numbers, graphs, and charts.

You can also monitor your work and strategies over a particular period, to see whether they are helping you achieve your goals.

Moreover, it can help you in recognizing the efforts being made to advertise your business. With Google Analytics you can stay focused and spend valuable efforts in the right direction.

Google Trends

Do you want yourself to get creative and generate lots of fresh ideas?

Google Trends is the right app for your marketing strategy as it provides you with an updated data regarding what’s trending in, trending out and so on.

Even a newbie can work with this app.  Simply search the hottest or the most trending topic and try to produce a marketing article around it. For example, if the trending topic is about US Electoral College, then incorporate it with the latest idea you have about content marketing!


Are you looking for yet another effective platform to promote business?

We cannot compare Google+ with Facebook and Twitter because it is not as popular as its contemporaries, but it can be used efficiently to boost up your business. You can share your business related information; you can expand your business circle, or you can discover new ideas for your content.

Google My Business

Is there a way to build visibility via Google Maps and Google Search?

Sharing business related information with others is indeed the first step towards success. Get yourself listed amongst the businesses mentioned on Google and present your business data in the most efficient manner.

This app provides you with an opportunity to present your company, the nature of your business, the services you offer and the related data on a single platform. People will be able to recognize you as a business entity. You can use infographics and appealing images to attract the online customers as well.

Google Calendar

Do you realize how important the scheduling of tasks is?

The scheduling of tasks is a practice that distinguishes good businesses from the exceptional ones. Every one of us is so occupied with an overwhelming routine that it is not humanly possible to remember or organize each task. Google Calendar lets you organize your daily tasks and helps you increase your efficiency.

You can use Google Calendar for:

  • Scheduling important tasks and events.
  • Sharing your availability with your team members.
  • The remaining open spots will allow your colleagues to identify the timings in which you are available, hence maximizing the opportunities for you.

Your complex marketing campaigns can easily be added to the Google Calendar.

Google Sheets

Do you know where to keep important business data?

When it comes to compilation the data, Google Sheets is a powerful tool. It tracks the data involved in the statistical analysis of your business. It can be synced with all the Android, Windows, and iPhone devices. So access it from anywhere in the world and share your sheets with your team members.

All the apps by Google produce great results when used correctly. Although some are more useful and effective than the others, each one of them deserves a chance in the content marketing world!

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Ways you can Repurpose Your Content for Frequent Use http://contentinspire.com/ways-you-can-repurpose-your-content-for-frequent-use/ http://contentinspire.com/ways-you-can-repurpose-your-content-for-frequent-use/#respond Mon, 10 Oct 2016 10:39:11 +0000 http://contentinspire.com/?p=350964

Producing content for the online audience is not an easy job. The compilation of a compelling blog post (of an average size) may require days for an experienced writer.  After passing the post through many processes of optimization, after the post is published for the general public. That particular piece of content basks in all the glory for some time, but after a few days, all of its glory fades away, and it becomes one of the many forgotten blog posts.

This type of situation hurts all the people who worked on the blog; especially if a lot of blood and sweat has gone into the production of it. It saddens its creative writer particularly if the blog is not valued like it should have been.

It is in the human nature to develop a certain connection with the things they value the most; be it anything. So, it is not surprising if the content creators’ hearts break upon the realization that their content has lost its zing.

There is no need to worry because your once great content can be reproduced into something even greater. There are many ways to hold on to, but once the essence is grasped, it is going to save you from a lot of trouble.

Ways to Repurpose Content

If you have written a blog, it can be turned into an e-book. If you have produced some video, it can be converted into a podcast. The opportunities and ways of reproducing the content are endless but if you are still clueless about how to reproduce the content, perhaps the various ways given below will sort it out for you.

Created Webinars? Convert Them into Video

The thing with webinars is that it can be attended or viewed by the people who have knowledge about it beforehand. Sure you can advertise about it previously to ensure great attendance strength but what happen after you are done with the webinar? There is no way you can hold the same webinar for every week to inform the new visitors and potential clients about it.

There is no need to let your sadness rule you because it can be effectively dealt with by converting the webinars into YouTube videos. Through this way, you can ensure that your new followers remain updated with the information presented in that webinar. Also, you can post the video on YouTube and link it back to your website. This will also increase your followers, every day!

Convert YouTube Videos into Podcasts

There are certain kinds of people who like to increase their knowledge by preferring Podcasts over videos.  Their attention cannot be directed towards the videos no matter how creative, interactive or fun they are. So to target such people and to increase your followers’ base, you can extract the original conversation from the videos and convert them into Podcast files and upload it on the designated platforms.

Sneak in your website address, and witness your growth in your potential clients.

  • Blog Posts into Podcasts

If you are not blessed with an authoritative or a professional voice, you can always hire voice talent online and pay them to read your blogs in a calm and soothing voice. The only thing that you need to do in this process is produce a classic blog that adds to the existing information of listeners. Also, you would be required to send your podcast to the radio stations and request them to play them on specific channels.

Turn Old Blog Posts into Guides

If you have been creating and posting blogs in a particular niche, then you convert them all into a single guide. For example, if you have produced a string of blogs concerning the pictures on Facebook, increasing followers on Facebook, or strategies regarding backlinking on Facebook then you can combine the posts into one and present it as a guide such as a ‘Guide to Perfecting Facebook Marketing.’

This can also be availed in email marketing to increase your lead generation efforts.

Repurpose Quora Questions into Blog Posts

Quora is a platform where people ask general or sometimes complicated questions. The questions itself are enough to produce a full-fledged blog on them. What you can do is analyze the platform, search potential questions and write a blog post on it. You can also provide a glimpse of your blog in the answer section of Quora and invite people back to your website for more thorough information. Those people, who want a deeply explained answer to the stated question, would flock to your website.

This can provide you with a plethora of ideas for your blog posts and can increase your followers’ base.

Simply put, every blog post can be repurposed into something new and fresh. You just have to have a keen mind and sharp eye to see the potential in your old blog posts to reproduce them. All in all, the provided ways would be able to help you in reproducing your old yet brilliant content.

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Follow These 7 Tips to Boost Your Marketing Game on Facebook http://contentinspire.com/follow-these-7-tips-to-boost-your-marketing-game-on-facebook/ http://contentinspire.com/follow-these-7-tips-to-boost-your-marketing-game-on-facebook/#respond Tue, 16 Aug 2016 10:53:18 +0000 http://contentinspire.com/?p=350872

With the inception of Instagram’s new stories feature and the immense popularity of the Snapchat among the young generation, a lot of marketers have shifted their focus on these social media platforms while completely ignoring Facebook. Little do they know that even with no recently launched feature, Facebook continues to dominate the world of social media with over 1.59 billion active users.

Most of the experts in online marketing arena consider Facebook as the backbone of their social media marketing strategy. Although the marketing advice is a dime a dozen these days, there are very few people who really know the ropes as far as the online marketing is concerned.

If you find yourself among such people who are interested in getting some real advice for online marketing on Facebook, then worry not because this blog will inform you on how you can step up your marketing game.

Start with a Business Page

The most important thing about marketing on Facebook is to start by making a business page and not a personal profile to represent your brand or business. The thing with business pages is that they allow you to customize the appearance of that page, using certain tools that are not available in the personal profile setting.

Also, your Facebook followers can like and follow your activity on your open business page, but they cannot do the same with your personal profile.

Attract Followers with Contests

This is an old yet slightly ignored strategy to attract new followers to your business. Contests are mainly overlooked because nobody is willing to give away stuff. But if you are a true online marketer, you would know that you are in fact gaining extra followers with every other giveaway.

So if you want to familiarize the users with your business, hold contests, and giveaways. Previously, it was required by Facebook to organize a giveaway through a third party, but now Facebook has revised its policy which means organizing a giveaway have never been this easy!

Conceal Important Content

Human beings bear a fair share of curiosity, and this can be utilized by the marketers to boost their marketing game. Avoid putting every bit of information for the whole world to see without clicking anything. Instead, use highly captivating CTAs and use them as a pawn to attract the attention of the users to your business page.

You can also incorporate colorful visuals and gifs to seal the deal.

How To Rock Your Social Media Presence with These 4 Apps

Ditch the Auto-Generated Article Box

Marketing can be extremely fruitful, but to get fully benefited, there are certain new tricks to adopt and a few widely accepted tips to drop. For example, when you want to share your website’s blog on your business page, you can choose to ditch the picture auto-generated by Facebook. Moreover, there is no need to share an untidy and unedited link to the original article/blog.

What you need to do is leave the auto-generated photo in favor of a personalized picture. Also, you can opt for a bitly URL to make the link appear tidier than usual. If the truth is told, there is actually no proven fact that this will work, but you can always opt for A/B testing to learn about the preference of your users.

Update you Cover Photos

Cover photos are a great way to enhance your presence among your active followers. Changing and updating your cover photos according to any season, festival, giveaway or any other significantly important holiday can reflect on your fans that you are making an effort to stay relevant and active.

Not updating your cover photos seasonally or sticking with a single cover photo throughout the year can have a negative impact on the followership. Ignoring cover photos even when you are highly active can cause your follower numbers to dwindle.

Never Ignore Facebook Insight

Facebook Insight is an extremely powerful tool especially for those marketers who want to track their users’ interaction on their Facebook business page. Also, Insight lets the admins of the pages view their most popular post in terms of clicks on the links, likes, and shares.

Always keeping this data in front of you will let you determine which of your posts generated the highest amount of activity and which posts failed to do the same. Being informed with such data can help you formulate your marketing strategy for your future posts.

Tag Various Businesses

Tagging different businesses and giving them a shout out in your posts can have positive effects not only on their businesses but your social media presence as well. If your business is collaborating with a third party, don’t forget to give them their fair share of attention in your Facebook posts through shout outs and hashtags.

If you are attending a conference, hashtag the venue and if you are dining out with your potential prospects, narrate the entire meeting in the form of hashtags. Keep the hashtags coming in your posts but never overdo them because it can massively fire back and you could end up losing your followers.

There are a lot of other marketing tips that you can follow to boost your marketing game such as the sharing of genuine and real testimonials with your followers. Or by arranging and organizing Q&A sessions with your followers to know about their opinions and views.

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