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About the author

Alfred Robinson

Alfred is a part time blogger at Content Inspire with expertise in writing about SEO and user experience designs. He correlates different concepts and writes in ways that evoke curiosity among readers.

  • Charlotte Fox

    How in-house workshop will nourish our skills if we are not having any good trainer in our firm?

    • Alfred Robinson

      Dear Charlotte, you don’t need any trainers to conduct in-house training for clients. Just an expert from your company with hands on knowledge on web design and development would suffice.

  • Mia Pratt

    Don’t you think giving incomplete information will break the track? Disclosing the information slowly will not be really beneficial I think. What do you say?

    • Alfred Robinson

      Good question MiaPratt. Giving the most important information is beneficial in beginning because clients belong to the areas other than web designing most of the times and they are unable to grasp everything at once.

      • Mia Pratt

        Thanks Alfred! Very helpful!

  • Georgina Green

    Great article Alfred! These are simple tips that most of us ignore. Thanks again!

    • Alfred Robinson

      You are right, it’s often the most simplistic things that people ignore that make the biggest difference.

  • Amber Norris

    I think a designer should understand the customer too. They should design the product in a way that it can help in feeding the need of the customer. In my opinion, it is one of the important factors that a designer should keep in his mind.

    • Alfred Robinson

      You are absolutely right Amber. The designer should try to understand the client as well. In fact, you have just given us a new idea to write a blog. We will soon post a blog containing important factors that every business should keep in mind while dealing with clients.

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