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The digital landscape offers great opportunities to learn and grow on the internet. One such facility happens to be the extensions, add-ons, or plugins offered by different search engines. With these avant-garde extensions in the toolbox, the developers and designers can get their tasks done at an amplified speed without working against the clock.

If you are a veteran developer and designer and not using the Google Chrome yet, then unfortunately, you have only abstained from the luxury of getting tasks accomplished without being all over the place. Chrome offers a collection of such extension that will jazz up your web design and development journey by turning you into a savvy manager.

Tip: You might not find these extensions if you are using browsers other than Google Chrome, so I highly recommend that you install Google Chrome to enjoy using these extensions.

Let’s explore these extensions without further ado so that you can change the way you undertake everyday design and development tasks.


This extension will let you recognize the font used on a web page without putting much effort. Once installed, you just need to keep it on the toolbar and click the icon when you need to recognize fonts. This will show the font name as you move the cursor on the text.

Ruul. Screen ruler

It’s incredibly simple to use, and it lets the designers and developers take precise measurements of just about anything on the internet. Few of actions you can perform using this extension include pixel and pical measurements, stroke width and measurement with draggable rulers. New features come with more updates.

Full Page Screen Capture

It’s an ad-free extension which lets you take a screenshot of an entire webpage without moving to a new window or perform a series of steps to get the snaps. All you need to do is to click on the icon on the toolbar, and the images of the full web page will open up in a window so that you can save these images on your computer.

Image Downloader

This is the best extension you can have at your disposal if you wish to download multiple images at a time. Just click the icon and small window will appear to show you the images present on that page so that you can select, deselect, customize and finally download the images you want without any delay.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote needs no introduction. It’s already used by thousands of people across the globe because of its productiveness. With Evernote on your toolbar, you can easily save all the images, link, and text that you find interesting online and use them later when required.


This extension lets you keep track of your activities and increases your productivity manifolds. With the auto-categorization of the websites you visit, you’ll know if you are wasting your time on useless websites or using it to execute the tasks that have been assigned to you.

Web Developer

This extension gives you access to many useful web developer tools. Once you click the icon, the options for disabling cookies, resizing, CSS and other features will be visible. You can choose any of these options when required. This one is a must-have if you are a developer.


Whether you want to debug the design of your website or wish to see your favorite websites in a personalized way, this extension is just the right choice for you. This extension lets you change margins, colors, fonts and other components. Happy CSS customizing!

Window Resizer

So you have finalized your website and want to see how it looks on different resolutions? Well, the Window Resizer lets you do that. You can either test the resolution from a list of popular devices available already or choose a customized resolution to test.

Palette Creator

The developers, as well as the designers, can relate to the urge to grab some colors for inspiration while they randomly scroll for web designs on the web. Palette Creator is an integration that lets you get a palette for your desired image. Just right click on an image, choose Palette Creator and there you go.

Chrome MySQL Admin

This extension brings “MySQL GUI Admin console” windows at your disposal. Some of the features associated with this extension include a connection to MySQL, connection to MySQL server with SSL and creation or deletion of the index. Also, you can connect to administer databases, process queries or browse results.

PHP Console

This extension lets you execute PHP scripts, handle errors and do other related stuff but it requires a server-side PHP library for working. Once installed, you can debug data in JavaScript console, handle messages for redirected pages, show errors, and ignore repeated errors.

Form Filler

It’s yet another get-at-able chrome extension to fill out all forms in a page with dummy data. The developers can use this tool while they test form validation or backend scripts. Also, they can configure the test data that is generated via this extension.


If you wish to enjoy a fully working web development environment within your browser, Nitrous Lite fulfills the purpose. This extension provides a built-in code editor along with a Linux terminal. Additionally, there is an option to coordinate with other developers while you work.

Check My Links

As suggested by its name, this chrome extension lets you check a web page for broken links. Once you enable this extension and click on the icon, it will highlight the working as well as the broken links in separate colors.

Now that I have mentioned all my favorites, I am compelled to say these aren’t the only best extensions present in Chrome store. Realistically speaking, the app store is full of extensions that can make your everyday tasks a whole lot easier than they used to be. Also, if you have any such favorites in chrome store, please let me know in the comments below so that others can check them out too.

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Make your Content Attractive and Engaging with 3 Live Streaming Apps https://contentinspire.com/make-your-content-attractive-and-engaging-with-3-live-streaming-apps/ https://contentinspire.com/make-your-content-attractive-and-engaging-with-3-live-streaming-apps/#respond Mon, 01 Aug 2016 05:53:15 +0000 http://contentinspire.com/?p=350815

Live streaming apps are not a new concept as they have been out for the public for nearly a decade. Live streaming apps were first introduced in 2007, but such apps only gained popularity in 2015.

The reason for live streaming apps like Periscope, and Meerkat being insanely popular in the current age is because they offer value and entertainment at the same time. Another reason for their popularity is because the number of the mobile consumers has increased immensely in the recent times. Considering this, many marketers have started utilizing such apps as a mean of business promotion.

The incorporation of the live streaming apps for the purpose of creating sticky content doesn’t require you to have billions of dollars in the budget. Or it doesn’t require the marketers to have an oversized brain. To effectively utilize live streaming apps for the creation of attractive and engaging content, you just have to pinpoint specific apps and devise your marketing strategies likewise.

Following are the live streaming apps that you can utilize in your quest to creating sticky content.


Periscope has many unique features that make it the best choice for making your content attractive. With the users’ ability to send hearts and ask direct questions during the live feed is what makes the Periscope compatible with many businesses. Also through these ways, Periscope offers a new attractive platform to many of the marketers who are always on the lookout for new ways to take their content game to the next level.

Take the example from Red Bull. Red Bull has always been the first brand to take up unconventional and unique ways to promote their products. So it wasn’t a surprise when the energy drink giant jumped into the Periscope.

All the content marketers can take an example or learn a thing or two from the various profiles of Red Bull. They have developed geographically-optimized profiles for different regions. And the content that they provide on those specific profiles is personalized according to the locations. Though they don’t livestream their products, the strategy of content optimization according to the location is an excellent way to increase the target audience base.

Facebook Livestream

Facebook launched its live streaming app for the public use following its popularity among the masses. With its launch, Facebook unintentionally became a marketers’ hub because Facebook has more than 1.6 billion active accounts.

Since then, a lot of marketers and motivational speakers have tried their best to incorporate live streaming into their marketing strategies. One such example is the Grant Cardone, a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur who utilized live streaming to its best potential and within four years he became a millionaire.

His strategy was simple; to livestream every single thing. From the launch of his eBook to addressing the masses regarding any difficulty, he took help from his tops salespeople and drove his business onto a successful path. Though his strategy was straightforward, he taught the marketers, all around the world, a valuable lesson.

On one hand, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer the marketers to engage with their audience and the followers through posting and comments. On the other hand, such platforms fail to provide the marketers with a human touch. But this problem can be solved with the help of the live streaming apps. Through the live streaming apps, the audiences can interact with the marketers in real time and can pose any direct question for the marketers to answer.

The content presented on the Facebook live streaming feature can help connect the audiences and the content marketers on the same level and can give them a feeling of being a ‘family’.


Since the launch of Snapchat, a lot of small organizations and many of the larger firms have been busy in utilizing Snapchat to increase their sales and their audience base. While many marketers have sponsored small celebrities to promote their products, others have learned to create sticky content just by thinking differently.

Truthfully speaking, Snapchat is no different than the Facebook live streaming feature except that Snapchat allows the users to make only a ten-second long video. Those ten-second videos can be stringed together to form one giant story. Also, Snapchat allows the users to enhance their videos/pictures by adding various unique filters.

What this means is that by using Snapchat’s ten-second videos/pictures to form a story and by enhancing the videos/pictures through filters, any content marketer can create sticky or attractive content. The only thing to remember while Snapchatting with your audience is to inform and not to sell.  Forming a customized hashtag or any message and using it only whenever Snapchatting is a great way of familiarizing your target audience with your services and products.

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How to Empower Sales with the Content Marketing https://contentinspire.com/how-to-empower-sales-with-the-content-marketing/ https://contentinspire.com/how-to-empower-sales-with-the-content-marketing/#comments Fri, 17 Jun 2016 03:25:55 +0000 http://contentinspire.com/?p=350660

If you are losing your nights’ sleep over the current number of sales, there are a few steps that you can take to tackle the problem effectively. You can evaluate your work for its quality, or you can measure the content for its usefulness to the visitors. Once the problem has been located, you can start working on the enhancement of your content so that you can achieve the maximum number of sales within a short period.

One of the surest ways to secure an increasing number of visitors and convert them into leads is through content marketing. Content marketing is capable of achieving different results for different firms. Many of the business personnel use it to increase the brand awareness, while few others utilize it to generate maximum leads. All in all, content marketing is a powerful strategy that will only show its true potential if utilized properly.

If you are looking to incorporate the strategy of content marketing in a bid to drive up the number of sales, then follow these simple steps to empower your sales.

Formulate an Effective Content Plan

Working in the marketing company without any definite content plan is like driving on a mountainous road with your eyes closed. There are a surprising number of marketers who devise their marketing strategies to increase the number of sales without paying any attention to content marketing plans. This is a usual occurrence among the marketers because they want to achieve quick results within a short period.

Unfortunately, nothing can be achieved with shortcuts, so the marketers should focus on devising a particular content plan that will get the job done i.e. boost up the sales by converting the usual visitors into potential clients.

Identify your Target Audience

Your website will get around thousands of visitors on a daily basis, but only a handful of visitors could be turned into potential clients. For the content to be such that drives the number of the sales through the roof, you need to identify your target audience. To accomplish this, there is a need for an effective strategy along with the productive content that is meaningful to your target audience.

Identify your target audience with simple techniques and speak directly and clearly to your audience in the form of your optimized content.

Determine the Concerns of Customers

After the strenuous task of identifying the target audience has been surmounted, there is no guarantee that the target audience would be willing to buy your products or services. The reason for this is because, many times, the marketers fail to address the obvious concerns of the customers and clients in their content, which in turn fuels the feeling of distrust among the clients.

To handle this problem, the marketers need to incorporate the solutions to the obvious complications within the content in such a way that leaves nothing to the imagination of the potential clients. Also, they will feel satisfied and might end up buying whatever your website has to offer.

Observe and Value your Clients’ Feedback

Feedbacks can be an important source of information, be it a negative one or a positive one. Through feedbacks, one can evaluate and judge their websites’ effectiveness of their services.

If not entertained properly, the feedbacks can overshadow the reputation of the firm within seconds. This can be handled by being ‘all ears’ to your customers’ comments, and try to satisfy their requirements through any mean.

Accumulate the Questions

The number of same questions directed at the website regarding their products and services by the clients as well as the customers will surprise even the non-marketers. Instead of making it a habit of answering the same questions every other day, make a list of all the questions, and incorporate the answers in your content as an effective content marketing plan. This way, the potential clients’ need of asking the questions will be satisfied by just reading the content. Also, it will help you to increase the sales as you will already be prepared for the questions that might be asked by the potential client while finalizing a purchase.

Incorporation of Optimized Keywords   

Optimized keywords are the essence of content marketing. Look for the keywords that can help you to secure clients on your website. If your content is not keyword optimized, you might not get enough traffic towards your page. Hence, the sales of your products and services will be equal to zero.

Emphasis on Unique Features

Point out what makes your firm’s products or services unique. Focus on pointing out the differences that distinguish your product or service from the other commodities. The features that are unique and impressive can help you to generate leads.

Update your process

Update your strategy based on your performance and the revenue. If you find out that visuals or animations can upsurge the sales of your products or services, then try to focus on that more. If you find out that writing a blog with a particular style brings up more sales, try to produce more blogs with that style and maintain that style uninterrupted. Update the strategy in a way that it brings forth positive results.

Content marketing, if utilized properly, can be a successful strategy. If handled properly, it can generate desired sales results which will help you in expanding your business.


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